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Springtime Fun

It seems like there is "something" with the weather each year. Lots of snow, no snow, lots of rain, no rain, too much hot weather, not hot enough, but that is the joys of living in Michigan. I don't complain about the weather too often, why gripe when you really can't change it at all, but some people will say we never really had a spring and went right into summer.

This weather didn't stop us from making Rachel's play area in our back yard. I burnt the collapsing picnic table we had, we scraped away some sod, dropped some mulch on an area and plunked her plastic toys on the mulch. She loves it! I scored a lot of outdoor toys from a lady on craigs list and Rachel loves being outside.

Since then, the weather has gotten nice and warm. Rachel plays in the sprinkler and her blue pool. I often set up a low rubbermaid tub and put water and toys in and and she splashes around in it while I am outside trying to get yard work done, washing the car or cleaning out the garage.