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Smurf Project 2.0

My sister and I collected smurfs as kids. We got them all the time as gifts and my mom saved all of them. When I turned 30 I got my collection from my parents as a gift. For almost three years, the collection has been in the same box in my closet. Then one day I was surfing Pinterest and found this post about displaying LEGO figurines. I knew this would be perfect for my smurfs!

After washing, drying, sorting and organizing my smurfs, which meant laying them on the counter how I think they would look in a frame and estimating what size frame the smurfs needed, I purchased two shadow boxes at Michaels that measured 16" x 30". (I had to make one collection display for myself and one for my sister).

I picked up some trim at Home Depot that would work in the box. We measured the length of the shelves and added them all together. Then, in between each shelf, on the left and right side of the frame box, I have spacers that measure 2.125" tall. I glued them onto the sides of the frame and set the shelf on top of them. So the shelves themselves are removable. 

The boards we cut were spray painted a nice flat black - THANKS TO MY AWESOME HUSBAND! He is truly a SPRAY PAINTING GENIUS and I suck at it. I affixed the side spacers to the frame with tacky glue - because that's what I had on hand! I used glue dots on the feet of the smurf to affix them to the wood shelves.



Here is one of the finished pieces!