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Crazy Week & New Knees

My mom decided to have two new knees put in the week before Thanksgiving! Not sure what she was thinking, but I've been spending every-other-day at the hospital visiting with her. It gave me the chance to use up vacation time that I struggle to use since I only work four days a week! 

Rachel loved visiting grandma in the hospital. She loves to take walks down the hallway and smile at all the nurses and people that pass by. She ate her lunch with grandma one day and we took grandma to see all the hospital sights on Sunday. They included: the Christmas tree, gift store, toy store, restaurant (cafeteria) and the naked babies. The naked babies are mannequins at Beaumont hospital. They are spray painted colors and have writing on them. I honestly don't even know what they are for, but Rachel loves to go to the first floor and see them. Rachel also likes to sit in bed with grandma and watch cartoons. This works well for us since we're often visiting during nap time.

My mom is doing better. Her knees are great, she's getting around great, just not feeling so great from the epidural, pain medication and other meds they have her on. But she's coming home so that's all that matters! She's motivated and not going to let these new knees slow her down!