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Owl Birthday Party

It probably started when I found the tutorial to make the penguin cake and realized there was also a tutorial for an owl cake, therefore months in advance, I suggested to my daughter we have an owl birthday party and since she wasn't quite three yet, she was "game" and I was happy about that.

For months she would see an owl and say something about her "owl party." I showed her a photo of the cake and a few other owl things and she'd talk about her owl party when she turns three. We worked on folding her fingers so she could show off the number three on her hand and with practice we were successful. 

In the end, my December baby, you know, poor baby, being born a week before Christmas...sniff sniff...her birthday gets lost in the shuffle of the holiday season, she will have had three birthday "parties." 

The first was with my parents when they came for Christmas one weekend. We had owl cupcakes, we sang happy birthday and we blew out candles. This candle thing is all my daughter has been talking about. She even insisted we take some to school and we did. She asked me on the way to school where they were after I showed her the night before when we were packing up the car with her birthday stuff that the candles were "in this box." 

The second birthday was at her school - these are my favorite birthdays because I like her to celebrate with friends, and it's quite easy to deliver a cake and of course some candles and treat bags to 18 children. This birthday doesn't require gifts, which is fine with me because after opening about the third gift, she gets burnt out and doesn't want to open anymore.

The final party was at Grandpa's house. This was mixed with our Christmas, but we still had owl cupcakes and candles and sang. 

In the end she LOVED every minute of it. And when her "real" birthday arrived, she didn't even know that it was her special day because she had already had two celebrations and another on the way.



Everyone in her class got a treat bag filled with: paper, a pencil, tattoos, an owl song list, a fuzzy owl and a bag of white chocolate chex mix that I made (not pictured, and delicious). 






We took a craft to school so everyone could make an owl mask. Here is one of her classmates posing. 


The birthday girl! I love that her school lets her wear a crown!


 She even wore an owl shirt!