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Things She Says

My first-born is 3 today and the things she says are HILARIOUS. Here are some recent quotes.

"Mom, I need earmuffins so my ears don't get cold."

R: "Can I hold the baby?"
Me: "What baby?"
R: "The one in  your belly?"
Me: "Sure, as soon as it comes out."
R: "Okay."

Dan: "Wanna come to the shop with me?"
R: "Where is the shop?"
Dan: "Well, it's in our garage."
R: "No the shop is at Grandpa Dave's."

Every morning when we pull out of the garage to go to work/school our Christmas lights are not on. She says, "Oh no, the rainbow lights are not glowing. That's okay, they will glow when we come back from school."

Me: "What should we name the baby?"
R: "Um....John."
Me: "What if it's a girl, then what should we name it?"
R: "John!"
For some reason she is obsessed with the name John!

She has a placemat that is a US map. We talk to her about where we live, where her cousins and family members live, where we went to the beach and of course where Mickey Mouse's Club House is located. Last week she said, "Where does Fresh Beat Band live?"