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How are you Feeling? Are You Ready?

Two weeks from today is my last day of work and on April 24th I will have a c-section and be introduced to a son or a daughter. Most people are asking me how I am feeling and if I am ready, and I have to admit, I feel fine and also terribly unprepared. So my solution is to simply "not think about it."

Here's how I feel:

- I miss sleeping on my back. That's about all I can really complain about. Except for a few aches and pains in my legs during the night that cause me to roll from my left side to my right, I feel fine.

-I get heartburn sometimes, which I call yucky throat, because my heart doesn't burn, It just feels yucky in the back of my throat, and a berry flavored tums solves all of that. 

-I have no issues getting up or rolling over, as the doctor told me at my 35 week visit that I've gained 12 pounds. Yes, you read that correctly and I am bragging a bit. But don't worry. This happened last time when I was knocked up. I only gained 15 and I came back to my "normal weight" before I realized what had even happened. This time I have a goal to keep it off - since I will most likely weigh less after the baby is born. And so everyone wants to know: How do you do it?  Well, it's not intentional. I simply cannot eat as much. My portion size is much smaller.

Here's what I don't have done: 

- A name for a girl picked out - although we have three complete boy names.

- A bag packed. 

- A nursery that is 100% ready. I still need to make the bed/mattress, wash and hang clothes, wash and put away bottles. I'm sure there is a ton more, but I am trying not to think about it. 

-A plan for 2 car seats in one car. 

Okay, so maybe after typing it the list isn't THAT bad, but for me, a planner and organized person, it is. Two weeks to go, I need to get on the ball!