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Remain Calm

For some reason, I was certain I would go into labor early and have my baby on April 22nd. I think that thought came from the fact that it was 9 days before my due date - which is when my last child was born. I woke up this morning, this Earth Day, and had a little cramp. It was also potluck day, which is what happend with my last child! I began to freak out that my premonition was coming true! Thankfully the cramp didn't last and I didn't have contractions all day long while at work like I did last time. But now there is a new twist. My daughter has a fever. Just in time for me to have a baby and bring a new baby home. Sigh. I'm remaining calm and if the fever stays, she won't be able to see her new sibling in the hospital as I had hoped and planned, She will hopefully be well enough to see her silbling when we return home on Saturday.