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1st Report on the Tigers

Breaking away from the racing and random theme for a bit.  With pitchers and catchers reporting in just about a month, lets talk some baseball.

A couple moves this week created a level of frustration on my part and that is what made me decide to blog on the baseball topic.

Derek Lowe signed with the braves, 4 years for $60 million, and John Smoltz signed a one year deal with the Sox for $5.5 million.  My frustration comes from the fact that I think the Tigers did not even try to get either of these guys.

Now if they did and it wasn't reported anywhere (not in the papers, not on TV, no magazines, no internet, no blogs), which I doubt, then I take back everything in this blog entry.

Instead, they trade a promising prospect in Matt Joyce for Edwin Jackson (who might possibly have been the 6th member of the Jackson 5 had he not had so much talent on the mound...ok, that is totally speculation).  Now Edwin might prove to fulfill all his potential they claim he has, and as a Tiger fan, I hope he does, but why did they pull this trigger so quick?

(if he sucks, I've already projected his nickname will be edLOOSE)

I don't think Lowe and Smoltz went for outrageous price tags.  Smoltz might have been a good guy to get for two years (if he took one year for 5.5, maybe he would have done two years for 8 - 10 million) until Porcello is ready, similar with what they did with Rogers in 2006...that worked out ok.  No one has any idea how Willis and Robertson are going to be, so maybe it would have been wise to try to get Lowe or Smoltz AND Jackson.

Don't think I'm hung up on Smotlz and Lowe, it isn't the guys more than the fact that the Tigers are trying to fix this thing on the cheap.  Illitch spent a bunch of money last year, and it didn't work out (to say the least), so he has totally done a 180, and is way too gun shy, and won't spend a penny this off season.

I do like the Laird signing, I think he is a solid backstop that will give you a .250 stick somewhere down at the bottom of this still pretty potent lineup.  I'm not the biggest fan of the Everett signing at SS, but I won't berate Dombrowski too much for that (I still think Santiago should have gotten his shot, and still predict he will be your starting SS by June).  My hope was that he was doing the defensive fixes inexpensively, to spend some money on a closer, or some starting pitching help.

This proved to not be the case as they are entering spring training with captain crooked hat Fernando Rodney as the closer, and the same pitching staff they had last year minus Rogers, add Jackson.

I hope I'm wrong folks, but I think this is a .500 team at best for 2009.  Way too many ifs, most of which I didn't even mention and will save for another entry.

Thanks for stopping by - Dan

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