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Christmas Lists

My family has always given each other Christmas lists. The lists contain everything from socks and tee shirts, to gift cards and electric blankets, peanuts and chocolate, cologne and wallets, tools and car cleaning kits. I love getting a Christmas list from people. It at least gives me an idea of what they want, but may not need. And everyone knows a Christmas List is a guideline for gifts. You may not get anything on the list, you may get a few things, or you may get everything. I mostly like them because they take all the thinking out of gifts and when you don't know what a person wants, you always wonder if they really like the gift you got them or if they are just "being nice."

This year I have been at a loss as to what I should get my husband for Christmas, so I asked for a list. Recently he sent me a link to an expensive watch. Normally I would just purchase this watch for him and be done with it, but for some reason I cannot see buying him another watch. He already has one. (I know, I know, it's probably like telling a woman she doesn't need another pair of shoes or two winter coats). But his is in great shape, still accurately tells time and he frequently gets comments on his watch to which I hear him reply, "I do love this watch."

When I asked him if he really needed another watch, he said he would love one but actually thought of something he needed for his Christmas list. Here is what he said:

"I did actually think of something I somewhat need, a new desktop radio for work. Mine is getting annoying, and I have to shove paper in my audio selections to get both speakers to work. Keep in mind the radio was purchased in the summer of 1992, traveled back and forth to LSSU a few times, and took a spill out the back of my Ramcharger in 1995. It also powered the speakers at the house for half a party when the amp we had took a s#*%."

After reading that, how can I not get him a new radio? Anyone who can recall the path his radio has taken deserves a new one plus, he's had that one for OVER 15 years and is still making it work. This is why I love my husband and his Christmas gift list!

He was kind enough to email me these photos...