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Geriatric K9s

Geriatric. A nice way to say old, needs care. I have two dogs, one is old and the other is getting old.

Cletus is my geriatric dog. He's going to be 12 this May and he is a Rott, Lab, Shepherd mix. He doesn't run anymore, but once in a while he'll take off after a rabbit in the yard. As always he is unsuccessful, but in general, he is in excellent spirits.

Cletus has arthritis, lacks cartilage in his legs, has a fatty mass on his hind leg, and a large growth on his neck. He has a pill box and takes Fish Oil, Glucosamine, Rimadyl and Tramadol daily. But lately, he's added grunting to his list of old age ailments. He grunts when he sits down, grunts when he gets up, and grunts when he stretches. We find it quite humorous.

I call Cetus, C.P. for Cletus Perrine, but he has also adopted the name Wise Man. Dan called him Old Man back in the day, and I called him Old Wise Man. I then thought Old wasn't very nice, so now he is just known as Wise Man. He's a stinker like that, too. He frequently wanders into the neighbor's yard and nabs their dog's toys and raw hides that were abandoned. He trots back home as if he has a prize in his mouth.



Rockwell is my getting old dog. He will be 8 this August and is starting to get worn out! He'll go and go and go for days, but once he rests, he needs at least a day or two to recover. He'll lay in our bed and sleep all day after he spends an entire afternoon outside with us or at the race shop. Yesterday when I came home, he didn't even greet me at the door. I had to go visit him in the bedroom. There he was laying on the bed, as if he was a sick child.

Fish Oil and Glucosamine are in Rockwell's pill box and we give them to him to prevent or slow the usual arthritus and bad joints that are associated with large breed dogs. He doesn't show any obvious signs of aging, but lately, he has had a flatulence issue. He breaks wind when he runs, when he eats, when he jumps on the bed. He passes gas while watching TV (yes, he actually watches the TV) and when he is riding in the car. And the stench is horiffic. Silent or as loud as a human, Rockwell used to look back at his behind when the air escaped. Now he just continues doing what he was doing as if nothing had happened. I'm convinced this is a sign of old age since we haven't changed his food or diet at all. Now I'll have to see if he starts grunting.