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Kitchen Gadgets

Last week I was helping a friend register for her wedding at Bed Bath and Beyond. As I was scanning through the kitchen gadgets, checking off my mental list....potato masher, apple corer, peeler, slotted spoon...I was disappointed in the products the store was carrying. I kept finding myself saying, "Pampered Chef has a better one." This leads me to share my favorite Pampered Chef items with all of you.

Item# 2460 Corn Butterer $3.50

The Corn Butterer is a must for anyone who loves corn on the cob. It's so easy to use. Put a 1/2 stick of butter in the gadget, and watch melted butter slide across your hot ear of corn! The best part, it has a lid, so when you are done using it, you can toss it in the fridge for the next time!

Item #2455 Corn Cob Knobs $4.00

I always remember having something similar to these corn cob knobs when I was a kid. We always used them because the corn was too hot to hold onto with our hands. But they were sharp sticks that jabbed into the corn, and often fell out! My favorite part about these knobs is not that they screw into the cob, but that you put them on the raw ears of corn before you boil them in the water! That's right, you put them on, boil them and then take them directly from the pot to the plate!


Item #1642 All-Purpose Spreader $4.00

I think I have about six or eight of the All-Purpose Spreaders from Pampered Chef. I use them every day for peanut butter, butter, mayo, hummus anything that needs to be spread. I use them more than a table knife! They are nice and wide, and hold lots of peanut butter for my english muffins!

Item #2415 The Corer $10.50

It may seem like a lot of money to spend on an apple corer, but the great thing about the Pampered Chef corer is the "core ejector" that easily removes the core from the cylinder into the trash or compost pile! 


Item #2230 Classic Batter Bowl $15.00

I've always loved using glass. I prefer glass to store left overs in and when I came across this batter bowl, I had to have it. I use it all the time to make homemade brownies (that's right, brownies from scratch, the kind  you have to melt unsweetened chocolate for.) I can toss this bowl in the fridge and keep the lid on it to chill items, I can boil water and mix jello in this bowl and easily pour the jello into a glass dish because of the spout! I then toss it in the dish washer and it's clean.

Cook's Corer (currently in the Pampered Chef outlet section)
Replaced by Item #1176 Core and More $10.50

The cook's corer must be an old classic gadget I have because it is now in the outlet section and has been replaced by a two ended tool called the Core & More. I use this tool mostly for strawberries, to remove the tops. It's very quick and easy. Not like the "pinch" removers my mom used to have. They were basically a giant pair of tweezers she used to remove the tops of strawberries. This tool allows you to scoop off the top.


These are just a few of my favorite Pampered Chef gadgets that I feel are worth the money. Kitchen gadgets are like tools...when you purchase them, they are an investment, and you hope to keep and use them for a long time.