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It's all Brown!

A staple every person should have in their kitchen pantry is Fruit-Fresh. Fruit-Fresh is used for two things in my house, to keep apples from turning brown and to keep avocados/guacamole from turning brown.

Fruit trays with apples can be easily prepared the night before. Slice apples, place into a seal-able bag, add Fruit-Fresh (I don't measure). Toss the bag to mix the Fruit-Fresh onto the apple slices. Refrigerate bag of apples and place on your serving tray the next day. The apples will not brown! I like to cut my fruit the day before not only to save time, but I think the apple slices with Fruit-Fresh on them taste better the next day. The apple juices allow the Fruit-Fresh to dissolve, eliminating the grainy texture that is sometimes on the apple slice. (This texture is only noticeable by me, I think I freak out that someone will suspect I've used Fruit-Fresh to keep my apples brown! I have asked my husband if he notices a difference in texture and he says no.)

I know what you are thinking: Lemon juice will do the same thing, true, but I don't like lemon and whenever I eat an apple coated with lemon juice, I can always taste lemon! Fruit-Fresh never leaves a flavor or alters the flavor.

You can add 2 tablespoons of Fruit-Fresh to a cup of avocado and it won't brown overnight in your fridge. This works great for fresh guacamole that will still taste good the next day. 

There are several other uses of Fruit-Fresh including baking, canning and freezing. Check their website or the package information for details!

The trickiest part is finding Fruit-Fresh. It is usually located with the canning items at your local supermarket. I picked mine up at the hardware store right next to the mason jars! I don't know how anyone can survive without this fabulous product!