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A Nail Must Have

I used to chew my finger nails. All the way to the skin. In high school I tried to stop and the only way I could was to polish my finger nails. I polished my nails every night before bed. And every day at school, I would pick all of the polish off of my nails. But I didn't bite them! Eventually I quit biting and picking and was somewhat blessed with nice finger nails. Now people comment on how great my nails look and they are amazed they are real and that I do them myself!

Along the way, I tried several nail treatments and systems: I started with Mary Kay's multiple step system, used OPI's Nail Envy, Nail Tek products and finally settled on Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth base coat.

The directions say to use this product daily. I always have it on my bare finger nails. If I am wearing polish, it is my base coat. I rarely reapply to polished nails, but every few days I will re-apply to my bare nails. I swear by this product. And you can buy it almost anywhere! It's affordable and I think, one of the best on the market!