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You have a delivery from a Mister Mop.

Some early morning or late evening I caught an infomercial about the Shark Steam Mop. Instantly I was fascinated with this mop and had to have one. (Effective infomercial!) I held on and waited to see how much it was. I don't think I saw the price and my husband wanted me to change the channel. I was convinced I had to have this mop so one day I did some searching online.

I checked Bed Bath and Beyond because I always have a 20% off coupon from the store. The mops were about $99 and I thought that seemed terribly overpriced. I already had a mop, and mine as working fine, I really wasn't in the market to get a mop I needed but wanted. Then I began to review the mop and read all the pros and cons about it, thanks to the internet.

I posted something on my Facebook page asking my friends if they had one and what they thought about it. Every comment was very positive, so I was almost certain I had to have one of these mops. 

On a whim, I was at Costco, picking up a bag of dog food and friend that works there directed me to the mop aisle where I found the Shark Steam Mop for $69. I snatched one up and went home to try it out.

When I got home, I was in no mood to thoroughly clean. So I just put my steam mop together and poured in some water (yes, a touch of tap water, not the distilled water like the instructions recommended) and started mopping a small section of my floor. My floor was nasty, covered with dog hair and dried dog drool, and it came clean very quickly.

This past weekend I was able to pick up a gallon of distilled water and thoroughly clean my floors and this is what I have to say about my new Shark Steam Mop:

- Almost every review I read on the internet seems true.

- Some people say it is hard to push. I agree. It was hard to push with a dry mat, but I wet the mat first, and the mop was much easier to push. A wet mat was a suggestion I read on a forum.

- The handle is very flimsy and lots of people complained about it breaking the first time they used it. I can see this being possible, you just have to be careful about how hard you push it. I found straight, back and forth motions worked best for me, plus, the mat was wet, so it is much easier to push. 

- The lack of an on/off switch on the body of the mop stinks. You always have to unplug the mop in order for it to shutoff. 

- As for getting things clean, it seemed to take a little longer to get heavily soiled areas clean (dry dog drool sticks to a floor like gum!) I had to pass over the area several times and apply some pressure. 

- The floor didn't look any cleaner than when I used my Swiffer Wet Jet. But it felt cleaner when you walked on it with bare feet. Even my husband thought this was true.

Overall, I'm in love with my new mop! The pads are machine washable, and I haven't washed them yet, but I have five different pads to wash and dry and change as I mop. And I never have to buy cleaning products, just distilled water to keep my mop running its best!