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Strawberry Season


This is the second segment to my Around the Corner travels. This time I was able to drag my husband to a u-pick strawberry farm! We spontaneously went one night after work, he amazingly got out of work early, and I rushed home to meet him and get to the strawberry farm!  I didn't want a ton of berries because I knew we wouldn't eat them in time and they would rot. Plus, I could always come back for more.

We visited a place not far from our house and spent about an hour and a half there. That included the walk thru of their small animal farm filled with chickens, peacocks, hens, rabbits, goats, pigs and the wagon ride to the fields where we picked jewel strawberries.

We came home with 10.25 pounds of berries and $12.30 less in our pockets. My husband even admitted it wasn't "that bad" so maybe I can drag him to pick blueberries with me.

With all of the fabulous strawberries, I decided to make some jam. I crushed the entire 10 pounds (minus some we had eaten a few days before) and made 60 small jars of jam. Below are some photos of my first-time canning strawberry jam.

Clean Jars ready to be filled!


I can't decided which masher I like better, the waffle one or the standard potato masher. I do know I like the handle on the white masher better!


Instead of pouring the berries into the jar, I decided it would be much more fun to pour the molten lava jam onto my thumb. Causing a nice burn. I found the easiest solution to making it feel better was a glass of ice water. Our solution to numb it so I could continue working was a custom made ice pack. My husband helped me wrap it and helped me finish the first batch since the injury happened when I poured the molten lava jam into the first jar.



You never told me about your burn! I can't wait to try some jam!

Sorry bout your injury - but those berries look great!

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