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Happy Birthday, America!

My July 4th vacation was extended a day when my husband and I took Monday off to enjoy a day at the pool. I've been wanting to go to a pool or a beach to just relax and soak up the sun. He found the Family Aquatic Center in East Lansing online and we arrived shortly after it opened on Monday morning.

This place was fabulous! Clean, fun, and not too crowded - maybe because it was a Monday. The zero-depth pool is always nice to walk into, especially when the sun went behind the clouds we had to ease into what seemed like cool water. There was a sandy area with activities for kids, and a wet splash area for kids as well. Of course we had to check them all out! There was a diving board that the kids were loving, a super slide that was short but fast, another slower water slide and a side that tubes went down. We enjoyed using our combined body weight to zip down the double tubes on the tube slide. First we tried with my husband in the back and me in the front, and then we changed positions. We concluded we can go much faster with his body weight in the back.

Being in a bathing suit made me appreciate women with bellies a little more. I felt huge, but realized most people wouldn't even know I was knocked up because they would just think that I was a woman with a little extra fat. My husband says I look fine, and if he said anything differently, I'd probably kick him where it hurts.

We had a fabulous Monday. Soaked up some sun, enjoyed water, tubing and read a few magazines. Oh, and the super slide had a warning sign with it. It was only for strong swimmers because of the current. This allowed for a few "saves" by the lifeguard staff, which was highly amusing for my husband who was a lifeguard in college (and has 2 documented saves.) When we arrived home, he rushed to softball, while Rockwell and I took a much needed nap.

This concludes segment three of my Around the Corner blogs.