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Baby Bump Photos - Pregnancy Update #19

A few friends suggested I take photos of my belly. Some suggested weekly photos, while others suggested monthly photos. One of my friends said, "Even if you don't share them with anyone, they are fun to look at." How and why on Earth would I take photos of my baby bump if I am not going to share them? Isn't this why people tune in to read my blog and find out what's going on in my life? 

My husband and I attempt to take weekly photos but things don't always go as planned and before we know it, a week or so has slipped by. I also make him cut off my head because our photo sessions are usually when I spent an hour at the gym and am super nasty and sweaty and often not wearing a bra. I wear the same black yoga pants and try to stand in the same position on the tile floor in the dining room. He kneels a few feet away, shoos the dog out of the photo, and three clicks later, we're done. I've also made him take photos of my butt. I want to see how wide it gets. So far there has been no change from the first photo (at 11 weeks) until now (21 weeks), but I'm convinced my butt will get bigger soon.

Below you can see my baby bump at 15 weeks and 21 weeks. 



You've definitely got the bump photo pose down! Looking good!

Oh my gosh, your baby bump is so little! I was at least twice the size of that! I swear I look like that at about 6 weeks! You look great.

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