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You've Got Mail!

I was so excited when my husband finally put a flag on our mailbox. I had asked him a few times before to put one on after our mailbox was vandalized in December. I was tired of taking the mail with me to work and forgetting to drop it in the mailbox, or leaving it in my car for a few days before I remembered to drop it off at the post office.

My new flag was installed on a Friday night and on Saturday morning on my way out the driveway, I noticed our mailbox had been vandalized AGAIN! This time, both doors were torn off of it, but I was able to find both of them in the ditch and we reattached them. The part that took the most damage was the post. I think our mailbox can handle one more beating and then it's done. My husband says he's making a steel mailbox after this attack. Although I love him to death, if it has taken him over six months to install a mail box, I cannot imagine when I will get my new mail box...


BUT, the best part is the flag! It's still standing strong! 



We put in a Mail Boss security mailbox and love it! http://www.mailboss.net/

If ya'll have mailbox vandels in the area, I highly recommend one of these. You certainly wouldn't want your mail to be stolen! Teenagers were taking our neighbors mail out of their box and doing who knows what with it. That's when we decided to go for one of these. Good luck with the husband projects!

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