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Mind over Matter

Wikipedia.org says Mind Over Matter is the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body. Specifically, mind over matter refers to controlling pain that you may or may not be experiencing, such as holding your hand under extremely hot water and feeling no pain.

I think mind over matter happens most frequently in my life when I am at the gym. I often think I cannot do one more squat, lunge, or bicep curl and in reality I can do 10 more if I put my mind to it. Lately, my body has been taking over my mind at the gym.

At my last doctor's appointment, I expressed the tightness across my belly, from hip to hip, whenever I work out. The doctor asked me what type of work outs I was doing and I explained to her it was aerobics. She told me I should probably stop jumping around so much and the only way the tightness will go away is if I stop and rest.

I tried to "modify" my work out and take it easy at the last aerobics class I went to, and was frustrated because I struggled to slow down and my mind was telling me to go-go-go and the tightness across my belly was telling me to slow down! I'll tackle this endeavor to modify my work out and not be so motivated to burn calories instead of "working through" the tightness as I have done before. Because as my husband says, "it's only temporary."