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36 Weeks & Counting - Pregnancy Update #42

Monday, November 30th was my 36 week prenatal check up. I had the standard Group B Strept Test, which is a test for pregnant women to check for a bacteria that may be living in their vagina. Harmless to the mother, but this bacteria can cause problems for the infant coming through the birth canal.

I was "checked" and told my baby is "head down, my cervix is "thinning," but I am "not dilated." The doctor also said, "you look great, Kari." I thanked her and asked her if she would ever tell me if I looked bad. She said, "no, I just wouldn't say anything to you at all!" That reassured me she was being truthful, that I look fabulous, for being pregnant. She also told me when a doctor says "cute baby" in the hospital, they really mean it. If the baby isn't cute, doctors say something like "listen to that cry, that's a good strong cry." I found this very entertaining and will probably be the first person to tell people my baby looks "odd." Not ugly, but funny, freaky or odd.

And to reassure my gym teacher, the doctor said it's fine for me to work out - even the 200+ jumping jacks we did in class a few weeks ago! 

The numbness in my hands during the night is normal, and I could have been given hand splints to wear during the night, but decided, since I (hopefully) have only 2 weeks of pregnancy left, I can tough it out.