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Dad Dresses Baby

My husband is too funny with our daughter. Often he dresses her on the weekend in the morning when he changes her diaper. During Christmastime, he came out of her room after a diaper change with her babies first Christmas outfit on. A cute surprise that everyone enjoyed.

This Monday morning he was off for MLK day and when I came into the room to put something away, he was finishing up dressing her and turned to me and said "look at me" showing off Rachel's new slippers that Faux Aunt Amy P. and Faux Aunt Cathy K. gave to her. It was too cute. (And we won't talk about the outfit she's wearing and the fact that he put it on backwards....he insisted on turning it around the right way, and I told him not to worry about but wait until her next diaper change! He gets an A++ just for being the big help he is!)