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What I Learned from Being Pregnant

No two pregnant women look alike. We didn't look alike before getting pregnant, so why would we look alike now?

I have a love hate relationship with all maternity pants. I think I owned all waistlines available in maternity pants: real waist, complete with belt loops, a waist with a button and a zipper, elastic waist, and high/over the belly waist.

In the beginning I preferred the low/natural waist pants. This waist seemed to give me some extra room that i needed to breathe.

In the end I preferred the full belly pant. But I didn't like the light or nude color elastic belly band, because I always tried to wear non-maternity shirts with my pants and the shirts were always too short and showed the sexy nude elastic. Now, had it been summer and I wanted to wear light colored clothing, I can see how the nude color would come in handy. Also, the high waist may fit well, but all of the shirts worn over the belly stick to the elastic waist. I was constantly pulling down my shirt which would stick to the waist!

Mom Has Needs, too.
Sure, a baby needs a lot of things, but a mother may need more. I used to rush out and buy my friends a baby outfit or book when I found out they were pregnant. This will happen no more! Mom's need lots of stuff: new clothes, bras, undies, sometimes wider shoes, massages and chocolate shakes. So a gift card is in order for all of my future friends who get knocked up.

What to Expect When You're Expecting is the most useless book
Maybe I'm just "too smart" but I found the book What to Expect When You're Expecting pretty boring. Most of the issues/questions are very common sense questions. I found this book very boring and hardly used it. Good thing I picked it up at a second-hand sale for $1.

Take Care of Yourself Before, During and After Pregnancy
I was 30 when I got pregnant and had my first child. I was so fearful of gaining a lot of weight and then struggling to lose it post baby. I learned quickly if I take care of myself all through my pregnancy with good eating habits and continuing to exercise, the weight won't pack on as quickly as you think. I didn't feel like being pregnant was an excuse for me to "eat for two" or pile in fast food and sweets. This allowed me to gain 15 pounds, and I was encouraged to gain 15-25.

After pregnancy it is still important to eat right, exercise, try to get enough sleep and ask for help when needed.