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Lucky Number 7

I went to the doctor for my six week check up and the lucky number was seven. I've lost seven pounds since my first pre-natal appointment in May 2009. This is all with very minimal effort - just staying in shape during my pregnancy (I was at the gym, doing classes, Tuesday and Wednesday before delivering on Saturday) and trying to eat healthy while pregnant.

I gained 15 pounds while pregnant and haven't done too much to get rid of it. I'm nursing and trying to eat right and have recently returned to the gym. Let's hope I can keep off the weight and in 33 weeks my stretched stomach is back to "normal" or as normal as it can be after having a baby. I'm giving myself about 33 weeks because it took 39 weeks to stretch my belly, so I have 39 to get it back to normal and right now Rachel is six weeks old!

I've been wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes for about 3 weeks so the only thing I have to look forward to is getting back in shape after being away from the gym for 6 weeks.