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Nemo Ear - Update

If you are not familiar with my daughter's nemo ear, you can read it here. Otherwise, here is the most recent update:

The plastic surgeon had us keep the tape on her ear until she was six weeks old. Again we discussed the reconstruction of her ear, something that will take place when she is 6 to 8 years old. At that age, her ears will most likely be the size of her adult ears and around that time children begin to realize they are different and want to have reconstructive surgery, which also means they are more likely to be careful and follow the necessary precautions after surgery (such as no rough housing). The reconstruction would be a multiple stage process and one positive thing is that her nemo ear is in line with her good ear, therefore, there is no need to "move the ear" to where it should be, thus eliminating one step in the reconstructive process.

We had an appointment at the genetics department at U of M and after a thorough physical exam, the doctor decided it wasn't necessary to perform multiple blood tests at this time. Rachel is a normal, healthy baby. If she happens to not meet her milestones - which would be noticed by us or the pediatrician - we can come back and have blood work done, to determine which gene is causing a problem and possibly give her a diagnosis of a certain condition. Otherwise we can revisit in three to four years, which would be the same time we can have a CT scan on her ear to determine exactly what is inside.

The final step in this ear situation was an ultrasound of her kidneys. The doctor called me the other day to let me know all was normal with her kidneys.