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New Appreciations

I have a new appreciation for single parents. My husband flew to Germany for the week. I went back to work on Monday and Rachel went to day care.

The first morning went very well, as did every other morning after that. The local schools had a snow day and when that happens, day care opens at 10 am. I took Rachel to work with me around 9 am and she slept in her car seat in my office for an hour before I took her to day care. In the mornings, I usually had to wake her up to feed and dress her before heading out the door. The day care she goes to is in the same building as my office, so when she needs to be fed - usually around 11am and 3pm - I just go and feed her. It's nice because I don't have to pump at work and prepare bottles every night and it's a fun break during the work day.

The few evenings I was alone with her went well, but I can see how easily a single parent would go crazy! One night, just as I was sitting down to do something, she woke up crying and had gas. I ended up putting my task on hold and never got back to it until the next day. And my need for adult conversation wasn't always met at night with the 6 hour time difference in Germany. I didn't always get to talk to my husband because he was already in bed when I got home in the evening.

Thanks to my father-in-law, he snow blowed my driveway because of the enormous amount of snow we received the week my husband was out of the country!  

But I survived, and did better than I expected. I'm pretty impressed with myself, but I also would rather have my baby's daddy at home with us!

Snow on the Picnic Table...I think this was day 3 of the snow, so it was nice and wet at this time. I measured 7" with the tape measure.

Rockwell, loves the snow!

This week the weather is much warmer, but my hubby is going out of town again! If I did it once, I can do it again!