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Play Date Stop #1 - Babies and Boobs

Last Friday Rachel and I traveled around southeast Michigan and stopped at three places to visit different people. The first stop was in Shelby Township to see Baby Cole, Baby Everett, Erica, Jenn and Mason. This was Rachel's first official play date! I brought lasagna and peanut butter cup pie and I really enjoyed the afternoon with Erica and Jenn. I call this my "Babies and Boobs" play date because all three of us had babies and all three of us were breastfeeding.

Baby Cole


Erica helped me get a photo of Rachel and Cole. Cole is almost one month younger than Rachel. 

In these first two photos, Cole couldn't help but sneak in his moves from the Thriller Dance. 



Finally Erica was able to contain Cole's dancing skills to get this one. 

 Everett was chillin on his play mat when I arrived. Everett is about 1 month older than Rachel.