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Meat Counter

Why am I so afraid to purchase meat from the meat counter at the grocery store?

The "butchers" in white coats intimidate me. They stand behind the counter as I gaze at the various steaks and ground beef and I begin to get nervous I am taking too much time and then the words and prices on the signs begin to jumble in my head and I can't seem to concentrate any more...round...center...t-bone...rib-eye...9.99...6.99...18.99. Not to mention I never can remember what is the "best" steak to purchase. I don't like to buy the steak with "marbled fat" or bone inside because I don't think I should pay for something I am not going to eat. But everyone tells me that is what makes the steak taste good when you cook it!

Then, I have no idea how to estimate how much the steak I pick out will cost. The butcher slaps my raw dinner onto the scale and the next thing I know I'm paying 23.99 for two steaks for dinner.

This price irks me because I don't know how to properly cook a good steak on the grill. And I know when I take this home and cook it, it will taste so so, not mouthwatering like I hope. If I'm going to spend $23.99 on two steaks, I might as well go to a restaurant and have someone prepare it for me.