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Fourth of July 2010


Over the fourth we went to Ocean City, Maryland to hang out with some family members. It was a great time!

Rachel did AWESOME the entire time we were there. We left Friday night and spent the night in Pennsylvania. She slept great in the car and at the hotel room. The next day we drove to Maryland. It was a longer trip than we wanted it to be, but we stopped for feedings, and diaper changes and to get water and soda and beer and then hit some traffic. 

While on vacation, Rachel loved the water. We set up a pool by the ocean and filled it with salt water. We let it warm up and she hung out in the pool almost all day. She liked to watch the ocean, but I think the water was too cold for her. Occasionally she would be sitting on the shore and the tide would come up and get her butt wet and she would fuss. The water temperatures were near 70s and the air was in the 80s-100s every day. It was perfect.

We had a huge wagon load of things that we took to the beach every day, but we managed to get it all there in one trip and never have to go back to the condo for anything. We spent all day at the beach and two of those days we spent at the condo pool. 

Rachel liked to grab and play with the sand and enjoyed chewing on the (salt) water covered toys I brought to put into her pool. She splashed her arms up and down in the water and was enjoying all the attention by family. 

We all managed to get "cooked" nicely on the beach and at the pool, but no sun burns to report. We were careful at reapplying sunscreen and keeping our baby girl in the shade. I still think her legs got tan! 

Cousin Jami had a knack with Rachel. Jami is a high-school baby lover and she always willingly took Rachel and managed to get her to fall asleep in her arms. It was crazy! And so cute at the same time. 

"Does she ever cry?"  That wast the question most asked by family members. Our child is so amazing that she rarely cries and fusses, and since it is so rare, i often let her cry and laugh at how cute she looks when she cries! Mean, maybe, but it's too cute! On the long ride home (14.5 hours) she didn't cry once. I swear, she was an angel. It was odd and crazy at the same time! I couldn't ask for a better child!



Rachel's first souvenir....a personalized flip flop zipper pull that i put on her diaper bag! 



The wagon at the beach, all loaded up! 


Here's a list of what is inside:
Beach Towels
Beach Blanke
Cooler with Beverages & Sandwiches
2 Umbrellas
Sun Tent
Kiddie Pool
Bag of Toys

Pretty impressive, but what is more impressive is that my husband dragged it across the sand every day we went to the beach! Don't worry, it's not overloaded, with the correct air pressure in the tires, it can hold 300 lbs. Thanks to grandma and grandpa for getting Rachel this wagon! She hasn't ridden in it, but all of her stuff has!