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Nemo Ear Thoughts

If you have forgotten, Rachel has Microtia of the right ear. For now there is little we can do but make sure she meets her milestones and so far she is doing excellent in her milestones, often displaying actions beyond her ripe old age of 6 months. Sometimes I get upset knowing that my baby girl is perfect except for her tiny right ear, and sometimes I just deal with it. But twice I have asked strangers if they noticed Rachel's tiny ear. The first time was a woman who spent a few hours with us in a meeting. Rachel was about 2 months old and was sleeping in her stroller car seat. Due to the length of the meeting, she woke up and needed to be taken out and fed. While out of the seat, the woman kept complementing how cute Rachel was and I flat out asked her if she noticed Rachel's ear. She said no and then I explained what was going on with it since it now peaked the interest of the woman. The second time was at a store. I was waiting for an order to be finished and a woman was ooohing and ahhing all over Rachel. Rachel was about 5 months at the time and I flat out asked the woman if she noticed Rachel's ear. Her response was, "Absolutely." She then went on to say she so stinking cute it doesn't even matter what is going on with her ear. And she told me Rachel is in the "best time' of her life to have this since all the medical advances will allow for her to be completely normal in no time. At first her comment caught me off guard, but then I was quickly relieved because I like honesty and I like that the woman quickly looked beyond her ear and asked to carry her around the shop and show everyone how cute she was. Since these two situations with strangers, I have come to the conclusion the first woman was lying. She was "trying to be nice" and pretended to not notice her ear, but I'm almost certain she did. How can you not! It's pretty obvious when a child turns their head and you expect to see an ear and instead see a small, deformed ear. There are times I get very upset about her ear. Times when I think, "Why did this happen to me? Why did this happen to her? Why can't she just be normal like everyone else? What if her hearing test is so expensive we cannot afford to pay for it? What if they do surgery and she still cannot hear?" And then I come to the same conclusion: God gave me a child with this "issue/situation" because he knew I could handle it. He knew that I was a strong woman and had a strong marriage and strong family and he knew I would be the best mother to deal with a baby and a tiny ear. For all the mothers out there that are challenged by a physical or mental condition their child has, remember, you are the best mother to deal with that situation and the mothers of "perfect" children would never be able to handle such a task.