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Rachel is 2/3 of a year old!

By baby girl is growing up! She is eight months old and doing great. She's crawling. She is sleeping through the night very well, except once in a while she gets "stuck" on her belly and cries so we have to turn her on her back and without opening her eyes she is back to sleep.

She is loving all of the baby food i make her and combinations I put together for her meals. She eats graham crackers and puffs and loves to pick up the puffs and mash them into her mouth. For the most part she makes it into her mouth, but there are some days she misses and the puffs get stuck on her lip, face or cheek or fall onto the floor for Rockwell to nab. 

Rockwell has quickly learned that food falls from Rachel's location. He usually sits under her chair and waits.