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Rachel is 5/6 of a year old!

Usually when I take my daughter's monthly photos, she sits fairly still in the orange chair. Well, something was up her butt today because she didn't want to sit on the chair at all! She was fearless and kept leaning forward and falling off of the chair! I had to utilize a spoon and that kept her busy enough to snap a few shots while she sat in the orange chair.

She still doesn't have any teeth, her hair is growing like crazy and she seems to be getting skinnier! I'm not sure if she is a true Stroschein (my sister and grandpa were super skinny as children) but lately her pants keep falling off of her body! The other day she wore 3 month pants and they fit her great. I can see they maybe getting a little short, but they didn't fall down. Usually we have to roll the waist or the cuffs to keep her from crawling out of them.

She loves to eat, but doesn't always love what she has to eat. She will gobble up a pork chop at dinner at home, but then when I pack it for lunch at school, she doesn't eat it! She ate pumpkin last week like a champ and then when I added it to a turkey apple blend, she didn't eat it at all! 

She is becoming more independent, standing with less support and somewhat fearless. 


This is what happened when she was "done" sitting in the chair! She insisted on getting out and luckily I caught her!