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Good Dog

The week between Christmas and New Years my day care is closed and I have to work so Rachel is spending some quality time with her dad. He's in charge of it all, picking out her outfit to wear for the day and even doing her hair.

Yesterday one of her toys quit working and so her dad went to the garage to get "something" so he could look at the toy and figure out why it quit working. He told me when he came back into the house, Rachel had the dog treat cupboard open and was feeding the dog treats, one after another from the bucket. 

The video he took is short and doesn't document her laughing, but I guess she was giggling as he took the treats from her. You can view the action here

Update: My husband thinks the title of the video should be one of these two options: 1. Rockwell is thinking, "Like taking candy from a baby". 2. You know what they say about those vicious Rottweile's!