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Rachel is 11/12 of a year old

On the 19th of November, Rachel celebrated 11 months of being on Planet Earth. She got her first tooth a week earlier, on the 13th. My husband noticed something "white" in her mouth when we had her in the shopping cart at Meijer and sure enough, her first tooth, on the bottom left of her mouth. She's been toothless for so long, I cannot imagine a mouth full of teeth on her.

Her hair is terribly long. I'm contemplating getting it cut, but want to be sure my good friend, Dawn can give her first hair cut. Dawn is 2 hours away, so maybe when we visit in December, Dawn will be able to squeeze Rachel in. 

She recognizes her dad and I, and she especially recognizes the dog, Rockwell. She says "dog" when she sees him. She has an awesome belly laugh when we tickle her. It cracks anyone up who hears it.

This month's photos were kind of rushed, so I had my husband try to help me get her attention. She's frequently looking at him. He calls this photo her "model pose."