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Christmas at Home

Christmas 2010 was one of the first times in a very long time (okay, last year when our daughter was born does not count) I recall being home on Christmas Day. This Christmas Day was not a memorable one. I got sick the night of Christmas Eve and so did my husband. We spent the majority of Christmas Day lounging around. I didn't make my ebelskiver pancakes for breakfast, but I did manage to make my friend Sara's special Macaroni and Cheese recipe for dinner. It smelled and sounded good, but neither of us really had the appetite for it.

Rachel liked the bows on the packages from Aunt Dawn, Uncle Steve, Avery & Gage. 



She got really excited when she opened a new baby!


And as usual, Rockwell was right beside her checking out her loot. 


I let her play with the ornaments on the tree while I took a few photos. She didn't really get into the tree and when she did show interested, we simply said, "no touch."