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ATL in January

Rachel and I went to Atlanta to visit my sister and her family in January. Of course, we flew to the Peachtree state when they just got dumped on with lots of snow and cold temperatures. The city was shut down for Monday and Tuesday and by Thursday when we arrived, people and businesses began to come alive again. My sister's neighbor was very concerned - their mail hadn't been delivered for four days!

We arrived at the airport and got parked and everything unloaded out of the car - stroller, suitcase, and a backpack which was serving as a diaper bag. It was just starting to snow, but we managed to get inside where it was warm. Rachel had a great time pushing the stroller around the empty areas of the airport and she especially liked going through security - with the pilot of the plane. She reached out to him just before we were to walk through the metal detector, so he, Mark, walked through the metal detector with Rachel in his arms. When we entered the plane, Mark greeted us again and gave Rachel some wings and a signed "trading card" of the airplane we were on. I didn't board early because I had a child, I actually waited until almost the end so I could be sure to keep the two of us on the plane for the shortest amount of time possible.

Rachel did fabulous on the plane - she didn't sleep one wink, but she didn't cry. My friend suggested stickers, which was a great idea! Rachel stuck and unstuck them to a notebook that I brought - with plastic dividers, so removal and reapply of the stickers was easy. She ate some of her own snacks and she loved the Biscoff cookies that Delta gives out. She gobbled one up and I had the other. This kept her occupied for a while.

Thankfully she slept on the way to Aunt Dawn's house in the car, otherwise, she would have been extra cranky that day. 

Overall our trip went well, Rachel had possibly a cold/teeth coming in so she was a bit off, but she did great considering feeling sad at times. She loved playing with Avery and especially enjoyed seeing the dog, Gage.