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Gage in Georgia

Rachel loves dogs. She points them out in person, when she sees one in a book or on a poster, and when she finds her tiny stuffed dog at home. Gage, my nephew-dog, was no exception. Gage wasn't too thrilled with Rachel. She attempted to touch and pet him (in a very nice way) which caused him to relocate to another area of the house. And a few times Rachel got nabbed in the face with Gage's tail, which was pretty entertaining for the onlookers.

My sister wanted to see if Rachel would give Gage a treat. I knew she would, since she loves giving Rockwell treats. I was curious if Gage would take a treat from Rachel because he had been running away from her every day! 

My sister gave Rachel a treat. 

Rachel handed it to Gage. 

Gage took it and Rachel was quite happy about this new friendship! 


Gage walked away and ate it while Rachel clapped, happy and excited about her accomplishments!