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First Dentist Appointment

When I called to make Rachel's first dental appointment in December, she only had one tooth! I had to call and reschedule her appointment three times, and finally me made it to the office in February. I was informed this would be a "knee to knee" check up, so I was aware of what was going to happen when we arrived and I checked out the office website so I was familiar with how cute the rooms were decorated and the play structure that was in the lobby. 

Rachel sat happily on my lap as the dentist explained things to me - water testing, parent mouth bugs that get into kid's mouths, preventative care, etc. When our knee to knee exam began, Rachel's  head rested on the doctor's knees as her legs sprawled across my knees. She did exactly what I thought she would do, she cried, and thrashed, and tried to get the doctor's finger's out of her mouth. And I did exactly what I usually do - laugh. 

Rachel checked out with a clean bill of health - no spots on her teeth and my homework was to get our well water tested and send the report to the dentist! We'll be back in six months for another follow up! As of now, Rachel has 5 teeth! 2 on top and 3 on bottom.