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15 Month Stats

Most everyone wants to know all about my "baby" so here is the update. 

At her 15 month appointment in March she was 19.8 pounds, which is in the 6%. She was 29 inches long and is in the 11th percentile. She is tiny. She still fits into 6-12 month pants and some of them are loose on her. I often roll the waistband to make them shorter and to add girth to her midsection. She has quite the belly. Not in a fat way, but when she walks around, her belly is sticking out! It is truly cute to see when she is naked. I put on a pair of tights the other day that were 3-6 month and they fit perfectly. I'm learning very quickly that "name brand" tights with "feet" are much better than other brands that don't have a heel and toe shape to them.

Her hair is getting longer. I still haven't decided if I will be giving her bangs. Part of me does not want her to have bangs because then I will always have to trim them, and Rachel's stylist is 2 hours away. She is probably due for a haircut and we might try to get her in sometime in June when we are in the Thumb. For now she gets a lot of side-like ponytails near the crown of her head. It keeps the hair out of her eyes and under control. She has curls in the back after it dries from a bath. They help keep her looking "trimmed." 

She is quickly learning her body parts and what to do with them - for example feet go into shoes, your "bottom" is for sitting, hands and arms go into coats and shirts and hats go on your head. She tries to comb her hair when I give her a comb. She loves shoes. She wore a pair of Avery's sketcher clogs to school today. She LOVES these shoes and they are a size 6. Rachel wears a size 4. When you push on the toe, you can't even feel a foot! 

She loves it when the fridge is open. She "plays" with the items on the bottom shelves of the door. She never takes them out, or picks them up, but touches them and checks out the tops and their labels. She is very good at shutting the door of the refrigerator. 

Most recently Rachel has started to mimic things. If you pretend to sneeze and nod your head and say, "achoo," she will not her head as well. If you howl like a dog (something I do to get my dog howling as best as a Rottweiler can howl) and tip your head to the sky and make a noise, she will do the same. She knows what comes after "On your mark, get set." She likes to say stop and if you ask her what a lion says, she will "roar." If you ask her what a cow says, she will mooo.

She LOVES bath time and I cannot wait to get her out of the tiny inflatable duck tub we use and into a R E A L big-girl tub! She needs room to roam and play and splash!