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Water Bowl

My daughter L O V E S the dog's water bowl. We have to tell her constantly to stay out of it. We have a gate to keep her out of the dining room where the dog bowl sits, but we often leave it open so the dog can drink out of his bowl! Usually the gate is open in the morning and this day was no exception. I was gathering things to get us out of the door and was calling Rachel to come and get her coat on. She did just that and as I was about to walk out the door with her, I noticed the dog bowl in the dining room.

Rachel is very aware the dog's water bowl is not her toy. She often stands near it, looks around to see if anyone is watching and if she thinks she is in the clear, she goes for splashing her hands in it. It has resulted in us leaving the house with one wet sleeve, or very cold hands, since we usually put ice in Rockwell's water. 

A few days after this photo was taken and the blocks were removed and sanitized, I found a block on a shelf in the dining room and I couldn't help but chuckle.