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Strawberry Patch 2011

I refuse to sit around when my husband is out of town. It's rough working and being a single mom while he is away, but it's just something that I have to do. When I got home at 6:30pm Tuesday night, the weather was windy and cool and I figured it would be a good time to pick strawberries.

I slapped halfway decent dinner in front of Rachel (while I ate crap, of course) and got the dog fed and we were back out the door headed to the strawberry patch.  We were racing the clock, since we had about a 20 minute drive to get there, it was already ten after seven and they closed at eight. Once we arrived we waited a few minutes and checked out the small petting farm before the wagon pulled by the tractor picked us up to take us to the picking area. For some reason Rachel loves tractors, and I love hearing her say trak-tor. The ride seemed long, at least 4-6 minutes and I was antsy to get my berries.

Rachel did well. I was worried because we were nearing her 8:30pm bed time and I wanted to get at least 12 pounds or a full tray the farm gives to you for filling. I frantically grabbed berries and began to fill up the tray as Rachel stood and watched. She waved to the dad and son picking near us and she watched the tractor drive away. I gave her a berry to eat and she ate it. I sat her in the straw row and she enjoyed touching and feeling and playing with the straw. She got up and said "help" once. I think she wanted me to help her pick a berry. I tried, but my patience wasn't there because I knew the next time the tractor came around, our time was up. After 10 seconds of trying to get her to pick a berry, I just picked it for her and let her eat it. I think in total she ate three of them.

The tractor came around the corner, distracting her again, and I continued to pick until the last second. The driver of the tractor commented about how I had a lot of berries for only having 20 minutes to pick. I asked him if he was offering me a job. 

In the end, I had 10.5 pounds, almost reaching my 12 pound goal, a tired, but happy 1.5 year old strawberry stained faced daughter, and $14.20 less in my pocket. 

We returned home where Rachel got a quick dip in the tub and was off to bed. I began to clean my berries and made jam, cut fresh berries for our lunches, made homemade strawberry shortcakes and enjoyed a strawberry shortcake snack, and made some popsicles with the left over mashed berries. It was a great night and my Strawberry Picking 2011 is complete! Now I'll just wait for the blueberries! 


So maybe her mom neglected to fix her hair, but it was super windy outside!


Ready for a bath and bed in the car. 

The 2011 Strawberry Loot - 10.5 pounds!