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Fun in the Kitchen

If you've ever been to my house or stalked the home photos I have,  you will know that my kitchen and living room are very open. The "doorway" is over 12 feet wide, therefore, we cannot put a baby gate across it to prevent little hands from diving into the kitchen cupboards, or being in the kitchen when I cook. But this is fine with me. I love to be cooking in the kitchen, it can sometimes be annoying when a half-crying toddler is nagging on your knees, as you are trying to cut potatoes, but I'm glad she can see me in the kitchen and be a part of the cooking process (she watches and pours things in for me and stirs ingredients together). I think the most annoying thing about not blocking off this area to her, is the toys she hauls into the kitchen, the ones I almost always trip over while moving from stove to island counter top to sink to fridge while making a meal.

Anyhow, in an attempt to make cooking somewhat educational, while keeping her away from the hot stovetop and oven, I decided to make and display some educational items on my refrigerator. I typed up some items at work - ABC's, Colors, Shapes, Numbers - and printed them off on card stock. I then attached them to the fridge using clear contact paper. Now when we are in the kitchen together and she isn't hanging on my knees, we can  say our ABC's together and practice our colors, numbers, and shapes.

I have big plans (I've already purchased the flash cards) to cut and affix flash cards onto a sheet of paper according to their theme - such as, food, parts of the body, animals, etc. I then want to swap out the sheets of themes so each time we cook, we can cover a different topic! I think it will be fun to mix things up a little bit and keep Rachel entertained. 

This "sticker" is my effort to keep the refrigerator items on the refrigerator. We have the magnet letters, but they often get carried away with a handful of other things.