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Cheeseburger in Caseville 2011

Every year there is a festival near my hometown. It's called Cheeseburger in Caseville and it's a 10 day event that draws lots of people and festivities to the small lakeside town called Caseville. This was the first year I'd ever gone to the festival and it was unique and fun and Rachel (despite teething) had fun, too!

We stayed with Grandma and Papa in their brand new camper. 


We had a cheeseburger. 


We went to the health fair and picked a duck....


...and spun the wheel for a prize. 


Here are some chairs lined up for the Parade of Fools.


We saw some floats, and this neat mini semi truck. 


Papa helped Rachel collect a few beads. 


I found humor in this sign. Maybe you will, too. 

We went to the fire department to learn about fire safety, bike safety and we toured the fire truck, got a bike helmet for free and an ID card. 

This is Andy, the Ambulance. He talked to the kids and moved around. Rachel is tickling him with the help of grandma.


Grandpa sat at the kid's table for dinner.


We did not want to get our face painted. Or any other body part.


The train at the campground was very popular. Rachel went on 3 rides in one day. 


We had a lot of fun at the beach!