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Go Tigers 2011

My husband is a HUGE baseball fan and he religiously watches and listens and keeps track of every Detroit Tiger's baseball game. As most everyone knows, they are in the running for the championships this year. Unfortunately I don't "follow" baseball, so I won't even attempt to tell you what they are in the running for.

We were invited to a party at a friend's house to watch the game and decided to take our daughter. I did feel bad she was the only kid there, but she's terribly good and it gives me an excuse to get my drinking husband out of the basement and home at a semi-reasonable time because our daughter needs to get into bed (Can you tell who does the driving? It is my choice, though, because I see how he feels in the morning and I'd hate to waste a perfectly good Sunday being comatose due to self inflicted adult beverages). 

I recently sorted through my daughter's closet and found an outfit that she hadn't worn and it was a tiger's outfit! So I grabbed a turtle neck and tights from her wardrobe and made it appropriate for the tiger's party-It was on a cold October night. Rachel loves to say "Go, Tigers" and she is very familiar with "baseball" and says it whenever she sees it on TV, in a book about baseball or an English D.