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Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Rachel has 5 teachers at school. That's a lot when you are talking about Christmas gifts and last year when she had 4 teachers, I decided to give each one of them a pan of lasagna and garlic bread. It was very well received so this year, each teacher got a pan of cinnamon rolls.

My co-worker gave me a bread machine a while ago and I've been attempting to perfect cinnamon rolls. I make the dough in the machine, spread cinnamon, butter and sugar on them and roll and cut them. I then put them in a pan and freeze them. When I want to eat them, I take them out, leave them on the counter overnight where they rise and are ready to go into the oven in the morning. And they are delicious. I am getting better but the raw rolled cinnamon roll doesn't look very appealing. And I may have forgotten yeast in one of the batches for the teachers. Should still be tasty just not as fluffy as the others.

I wrapped them in foil tins I found at the dollar store and added a decorative top with instructions. I just hope they tasted okay.