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Towels-Hanging in the Kitchen

Thankfully my sister is not a blog stalker because I made her some hand towels for her kitchen. Her and I complain that the "craft show" towels are often "old lady" and don't match our kitchens. So I offered to sew some for her since I don't crochet.

I found some tutorials online (here and here) and in the end modified both to make my own creation I call the "modified beanie." The first project was a touch challenging because I had to use my button foot on my sewing machine to put a button hole in my towel. It worked awesome but I was unable to make it happen again so I just went with a different pattern.


The modified beanie pattern is my favorite, because it was the quickest to make. I used a lid to my medium size pyrex bowl to cut a nice semi-circle pattern. And I had leftover elastic in my sewing box. 

I need practice with this because my sewing isn't all that straight and I struggle sewing the towel together before adding the topper. But that's okay,they are functional and I have six more of my own to make as soon as I wash the towels and fabric.