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March 16, 2012

Farewell by Bug

I sold my car.

You know, the car that my husband gave me as an engagement present, my 1966/69 Volkswagen beetle. I sold it. 

It was a very bittersweet moment. I thought I would cry when they drove it away, but I did not. 

It hasn't been driven since the summer of 2009, excuse me, my husband took it out once last year in 2011 and maybe another time in 2010. Although I loved it, it was a stick and I wasn't comfortable driving it by myself let, or with my daughter and I since I tote her to day care every day. And we never had time to practice in the summer/nice months during the week because my husband doesn't get home until late and our weekends are very precious and we often don't have time to spare driving around to help me learn to drive.

I call it a 1966/69 Bug because it was titled as a 1966 and most of the body work was 1969 - only bug people know this. But on a high note, the buyer was born in 1966 and his wife was born in 1969 and they've always wanted one...and now they have the perfect one. 


March 05, 2012

Extreme Guilt

I feel terribly guilty for not keeping up on my blog. Things have been happening. Not good, not bad, not awesome, not terrible, but just Life in general. I'm diving into digital scrapbooking hard core and spending most of my extra computer time working on my 2010 album - which should be complete this Saturday at my scrapbook class. After 2010 I will begin 2011 until the present, so blogging may be less and less!

I'm sure my faithful stalkers just want updates on my daughter, so here are a few photos to keep you smiling. 

Here she is very proud of the tower she built and proud to say, "cheese" for the camera.


There is a "crack" in my bathroom and she crawled into it once and got "stuck." Now when she goes near it, she says, "don't go in there, get stuck." And I assure her she is correct. 



I found a whistle I had as a kid, okay, perhaps I was a teenager when I had it, but either way, I still had it and she loves it. She sometimes calls it her "paci" and I correct her and tell her she doesn't have a paci but she has a whistle. Currently we've misplaced it, which means she probably tucked it into something and will discover it in the future. 


Here she is just hanging out on the floor one morning going through her Sesame Street flash cards.