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April 30, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Wow, Easter sneaked up on me! I forgot all about photos with the Easter bunny until the Sunday before so we went on a quick trip to the mall to get photos. Rachel wanted nothing to do with the Easter bunny and had a death grip on both of her parents at one time when we tried to get her to sit on his lap or next to him. So her dad stepped in and "saved the photo."

If you ask Rachel about the Easter Bunny she will say, "He's big." If you ask her if he is going to come to her house, she says, "yes." And if you ask Rachel what the Easter bunny is going to bring Rachel, she says, "Easter Basket."

We stayed home for Easter which was very nice. We got some yard work done, housework and relaxed. We began Easter day with the discovery of the Easter basket, which included a bubble machine, books a balance bike and rain boots. She was most excited about the bubble machine. She was cautious about the bike, but later sat on it by herself and said, "Look-it, mama."  Unfortunately she is about 2 inches too short to actually ride it. I am hoping as the summer begins she grows.  After the basket we had breakfast - complete with bunny pancakes made by yours truly. Then we had an Easter egg hunt and finished the morning with coloring eggs.

On Easter eve, we were enjoying bubbles on the deck with the grill cooking dinner when Rachel accidentally poured bubbles into her eyes. This lead to a very difficult, two person team, eye washing. At one point my husband said our daughter was "Freakishly strong." No damage done, but some irritated eyes and wet clothes.

On the night of Easter, Rachel swallowed a magnet. After 2 hours at the E.R. they sent us home and told us to wait for it to pass. Two poopy diapers later, and almost 48 hours later, the magnet is still missing. I searched through poo for a week and then gave up. Called the doctor and a few days later they wanted another xray to determine if the magnet had passed. Rachel did awesome with the x-rays, or "pictures of my belly" as she is calling them. And the most recent x-ray showed no magnet.

This photo of Rachel and the Easter bunny is on the fridge at home and Rachel keeps saying, "I don't like Easter bunny."