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May 30, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

My husband has been wanting to take our daughter to a Tiger's game and I'm somewhat boycotting it. Mainly for these reasons: it can be expensive, the games seem to be during her nap time (1:05pm) or near her bed time (7:05pm), and because she really won't understand what is going on.

I decided we needed a less expensive, less serious trial run at a Lansing Lugnuts game. So out of the blue, I bought two tickets online and we went on a somewhat chilly and cloudy Sunday game. I think they were playing the Whitecaps, but I really don't know. We got there early and everything about it was great - no traffic, cheap parking, barely anyone in the stadium, it was kid's day so there were balloon animals, and zoo animals and bounce houses and you could go onto the field. 

As expected, Rachel "lasted" for quite a while but then around 3pm she hit her breaking point of being overly tired, and so we left and she crashed in the car. She was so excited about their mascot, Luggie, the 8th wonder of the world that I was calling a purple dinosaur. She walked by him but didn't want to look at our touch him when she was close up. Throughout the game she would spot him and tell us what he was doing. We let her have a treat - m&ms and I think that made her very happy. This was her first minor league baseball game.

I know all of my blog stalkers just want photos of my kid, so here she is. 

Baby came to the game and went onto the field before the game. 


She really enjoyed these cup holders. 



May 23, 2012

One Week Down

It was a very tough two days after Rockwell went to Heaven. I cried for what seemed like two days straight. By Friday is was much better, way fewer breakouts crying. The weekend was tough because it was nice and I was outside a lot, realizing Rockwell would be right by my side no matter what I was doing outdoors. But then I'd remember his "current condition" and quickly realize if he were still here, he'd be laying in the grass under a shade tree sleeping. His anemia had made him very lazy. So I knew we made the right decision.

It's nice to not have him around because there's no dog hair to clean up. But while I was cleaning, and vacuuming, I was crying. I felt like I was sucking up every last bit of him. And I missed him. It is nice to be able to leave work and go to a car show, as we did this past week, and arrive home at 9:30pm and not worry that he's been home for 14 hours.

I've packed up all of his dog things, donated food to the humane society and given some to my father-in-law for his dogs, gave Rockwell's toys away to other dogs we know and even re-gifted some of his unopened dog treats. He still has a dog cupboard in our kitchen, full of his bowls, collars, leashes, various bandanas for his neck and clippers. And there it sits, waiting for another dog. Which we will get, but not anytime soon. 

Rachel continues to ask about Rockwell. She asks about once a day. She says, "Where's Rockwell?" I usually reply with, "You know where he is." Rachel says, "He's in Heaven." The other day she was telling me she loved me, and her dad and Rockwell.  


May 16, 2012

Goodbye Rockwell


In my efforts to blog "at least once a week" I'm successfully completing this week's goal on a sad note.

On Tuesday, May 15th, I said goodbye to my 10 year old Rottweiler, Rockwell just before he got into the car with my husband and made a trip to the vet/heaven. 

Rockwell was at the vet on April 21. I took him in because he was losing weight. He wasn't eating well and hadn't been for a while, he was skinny. We were at the vet for 2.5 hours. After bloodwork, xrays, stool samples, and lots of talking, we discovered Rockwell had a tapeworm, was anemic, had a mass on his leg (which we knew about) and x-rays showed masses on his lungs as well as air-filled intestines. This was a lot to take in for a woman like me. We started him on tapeworm treatment and began giving him an iron pill, I made hamburger and rice for his meals and he ate well for about a week. When he got bored with the hamburger rice meal, I added wet food to his dry. When he was bored with that, I was giving him anything I could find - do treats, people foods, etc. He was still doing well taking his medication now that we were stuffing it into hot dog pieces.

Last week I witnessed him have horrific diarrhea. I contacted the vet and on Friday he was given some antibiotics, good bacteria to sprinkle on his food, new food and a de-worming medicine. We were able to give him this round of new medication for about 2 days and after that, I quit. He wasn't taking hot dogs anymore, we were forcing medication down his throat.

One of my last food efforts was liver. I cringed as I opened the package and cooked it up. I offered it to Rokwell plain and mixed with rice. He didn't touch it. Then I tried baby food on Monday and he refused that as well. 

So my husband and I made the decision to let him go to heaven with is buddies Cletus and Diesel. We made an appointment to take him in on Tuesday night. And he was buried with Cletus and Diesel at my father-in-law's house.

Telling my 2.5 year old was probably the most difficult. Thankfully she didn't really get it. When we told her to "say goodbye to Rockwell" and that he was "going to heaven and never coming back" she said, "I go there?" She was more concerned about me being sad. When she woke up, she said "mommy's sad" and I said, "not right now, but sometimes I do get sad, and it's okay to be sad." This morning she said "Rockwell's in (something inaudible) and I corrected her and said, "Rockwell's in Heaven" to which she said "Yeah, In heaven with daddy." Since my husband left for work before she woke up, she was obviously thinking that he was in heaven with our dog.

I miss him dearly and am very sad, but relieved I don't have to continue to stress over his health and weight. His anemia had made him very lazy and sluggish and that was hard to watch. He was a goofy and fun dog - even my husband commented on his quirks, and he has had dogs before, I have not. There are a few things I already miss - one of them is him cleaning up after me in the kitchen when I am cooking and cleaning up after Rachel when she eats. Guess for now I'll have to break out the broom and dustpan. I miss not hearing him drink out of the toilet, or bark at it when the lid is down. I miss seeing him when I get out of the shower hanging out on my bedroom floor and most of all I miss being able to snuggle with him and pet him.

He will be missed.

August 2001-May 15, 2012


May 08, 2012

Smurf Project 2.0

My sister and I collected smurfs as kids. We got them all the time as gifts and my mom saved all of them. When I turned 30 I got my collection from my parents as a gift. For almost three years, the collection has been in the same box in my closet. Then one day I was surfing Pinterest and found this post about displaying LEGO figurines. I knew this would be perfect for my smurfs!

After washing, drying, sorting and organizing my smurfs, which meant laying them on the counter how I think they would look in a frame and estimating what size frame the smurfs needed, I purchased two shadow boxes at Michaels that measured 16" x 30". (I had to make one collection display for myself and one for my sister).

I picked up some trim at Home Depot that would work in the box. We measured the length of the shelves and added them all together. Then, in between each shelf, on the left and right side of the frame box, I have spacers that measure 2.125" tall. I glued them onto the sides of the frame and set the shelf on top of them. So the shelves themselves are removable. 

The boards we cut were spray painted a nice flat black - THANKS TO MY AWESOME HUSBAND! He is truly a SPRAY PAINTING GENIUS and I suck at it. I affixed the side spacers to the frame with tacky glue - because that's what I had on hand! I used glue dots on the feet of the smurf to affix them to the wood shelves.



Here is one of the finished pieces!