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Goodbye Rockwell


In my efforts to blog "at least once a week" I'm successfully completing this week's goal on a sad note.

On Tuesday, May 15th, I said goodbye to my 10 year old Rottweiler, Rockwell just before he got into the car with my husband and made a trip to the vet/heaven. 

Rockwell was at the vet on April 21. I took him in because he was losing weight. He wasn't eating well and hadn't been for a while, he was skinny. We were at the vet for 2.5 hours. After bloodwork, xrays, stool samples, and lots of talking, we discovered Rockwell had a tapeworm, was anemic, had a mass on his leg (which we knew about) and x-rays showed masses on his lungs as well as air-filled intestines. This was a lot to take in for a woman like me. We started him on tapeworm treatment and began giving him an iron pill, I made hamburger and rice for his meals and he ate well for about a week. When he got bored with the hamburger rice meal, I added wet food to his dry. When he was bored with that, I was giving him anything I could find - do treats, people foods, etc. He was still doing well taking his medication now that we were stuffing it into hot dog pieces.

Last week I witnessed him have horrific diarrhea. I contacted the vet and on Friday he was given some antibiotics, good bacteria to sprinkle on his food, new food and a de-worming medicine. We were able to give him this round of new medication for about 2 days and after that, I quit. He wasn't taking hot dogs anymore, we were forcing medication down his throat.

One of my last food efforts was liver. I cringed as I opened the package and cooked it up. I offered it to Rokwell plain and mixed with rice. He didn't touch it. Then I tried baby food on Monday and he refused that as well. 

So my husband and I made the decision to let him go to heaven with is buddies Cletus and Diesel. We made an appointment to take him in on Tuesday night. And he was buried with Cletus and Diesel at my father-in-law's house.

Telling my 2.5 year old was probably the most difficult. Thankfully she didn't really get it. When we told her to "say goodbye to Rockwell" and that he was "going to heaven and never coming back" she said, "I go there?" She was more concerned about me being sad. When she woke up, she said "mommy's sad" and I said, "not right now, but sometimes I do get sad, and it's okay to be sad." This morning she said "Rockwell's in (something inaudible) and I corrected her and said, "Rockwell's in Heaven" to which she said "Yeah, In heaven with daddy." Since my husband left for work before she woke up, she was obviously thinking that he was in heaven with our dog.

I miss him dearly and am very sad, but relieved I don't have to continue to stress over his health and weight. His anemia had made him very lazy and sluggish and that was hard to watch. He was a goofy and fun dog - even my husband commented on his quirks, and he has had dogs before, I have not. There are a few things I already miss - one of them is him cleaning up after me in the kitchen when I am cooking and cleaning up after Rachel when she eats. Guess for now I'll have to break out the broom and dustpan. I miss not hearing him drink out of the toilet, or bark at it when the lid is down. I miss seeing him when I get out of the shower hanging out on my bedroom floor and most of all I miss being able to snuggle with him and pet him.

He will be missed.

August 2001-May 15, 2012