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One Week Down

It was a very tough two days after Rockwell went to Heaven. I cried for what seemed like two days straight. By Friday is was much better, way fewer breakouts crying. The weekend was tough because it was nice and I was outside a lot, realizing Rockwell would be right by my side no matter what I was doing outdoors. But then I'd remember his "current condition" and quickly realize if he were still here, he'd be laying in the grass under a shade tree sleeping. His anemia had made him very lazy. So I knew we made the right decision.

It's nice to not have him around because there's no dog hair to clean up. But while I was cleaning, and vacuuming, I was crying. I felt like I was sucking up every last bit of him. And I missed him. It is nice to be able to leave work and go to a car show, as we did this past week, and arrive home at 9:30pm and not worry that he's been home for 14 hours.

I've packed up all of his dog things, donated food to the humane society and given some to my father-in-law for his dogs, gave Rockwell's toys away to other dogs we know and even re-gifted some of his unopened dog treats. He still has a dog cupboard in our kitchen, full of his bowls, collars, leashes, various bandanas for his neck and clippers. And there it sits, waiting for another dog. Which we will get, but not anytime soon. 

Rachel continues to ask about Rockwell. She asks about once a day. She says, "Where's Rockwell?" I usually reply with, "You know where he is." Rachel says, "He's in Heaven." The other day she was telling me she loved me, and her dad and Rockwell.